Becoming – Chapter Six

Slumping her shoulders, she muttered “You’re better off without me. You’ve shown that today. You don’t need me, and I definitely don’t need you."

Becoming – Chapter Four

Frost seemed to cling to her breath, and the temperature dropped. Her opponent was clearly known as the Winter Prince for a reason, she grinned, as she saw a familiar face approaching.

Becoming – Chapter Three

The later combat rounds were…brutal. The rules were dropped, and the fight would continue until there was a decisive outcome. That meant one of the fighters had to concede the fight or be unconscious or incapacitated.

Becoming – Chapter Two

Look at me, wildfire. I saw that you were resourceful, and stubborn. I saw you protecting every other prisoner in there by throwing yourself to the goddamn wolves. I saw you stand up to a god, and I saw you win.

Becoming – Chapter One

Hades buried his face in his hands as he relived it again. Eris’ ashes were still glowing white hot when he arrived, and it didn’t take a genius to see that Kali had been responsible. Especially when she was still plummeting from the sky.

Awakening – Epilogue

“This has better be good, overseer.” Another added, cold amusement curling around the words. “I’m sure you remember what happens when you disappoint him.”

Awakening – Chapter Forty One

An inhuman roar echoed and she turned dazedly, too late, to see that her newest opponent was already on top of her. She could barely process what she was looking at before it rammed into her with the force of a train.

Awakening – Chapter Forty

Whiteness took over her mind. Not light, just emptiness. And then she was falling. Deeper and deeper into familiar darkness. She could feel the creature lingering still in her mind but suddenly its screams echoed through her.

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