Character Shorts: Catryn Nalaea Reylir Dyn-íthorn – At The Gates

Catryn’s eyes went red, the rage boiling over inside her. As her magic battled for control, the bandit’s smile faltered as he felt her alarming presence sweeping over him. Her hands shook but her voice was strong. “You get one warning. Release them. Or die.”

Being A “Writer”

But the title of “Writer” is a mantle that has been worn by mountains, and I falter in their shadow. I cannot compare. I am never sure if I’m more afraid of failure, or success.

The Moon Dragon – Prologue

There was a bite to the air I hadn’t felt in five years, and it took me several moments to remember what that meant. It finally came to me as I watched another breath form as mist in front of me. Winter?

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