Character Shorts: Catryn Nalaea Reylir Dyn-íthorn – At The Gates

Catryn’s eyes went red, the rage boiling over inside her. As her magic battled for control, the bandit’s smile faltered as he felt her alarming presence sweeping over him. Her hands shook but her voice was strong. “You get one warning. Release them. Or die.”

A Step Forward?

I needed a changeTo try something newAnd I thought I would share itWith all of you My next quest is differentMaybe quite strangeAt least when I'm usually Words on a page I want to build somethingWith my own two handsTangible, realPerhaps even grand I have long fearedTrying my bestPutting in more effortWorking harder for less... Continue Reading →

Forget me not

My greatest fear is simple, I’m sure you’ll understand, To leave no mark upon the world, No footprints on the land...


I live in a dollhouse, I have all I need, They keep me inside, So they can't lose me. They painted the walls, In the colours they like, They didn't ask, But I guess I don't mind...


Distractions sing their siren songs, drawing me away, I tell myself I’m waiting for inspiration, Saying I need to refuel, Too many excuses ready on my tongue

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